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StartUps’ Lab

Startups’ Incubator Community

The StartUp Lab System provides support to all StartUps included on the Program Network.

StartUp Lab Programs’

Incunbiz – Incubators Network

StartUp Campus – Academic Incubator

StartUp Nest 

StartUp Runner

StartUp Visa 

The passport to your StartUp

StartUp Crowdfunding

Pitch for Funding

StartUp Nest



Garage Innovation

StartUp - Spin-Off

StartUp Runner Events Program

Incunbiz System


International Cooperation Network

StartUp Visa

StartUp Campus

Cooperation Network

The support for the cooperative network includes:

  • Strategies of diversification and strategic alliances.
  • Financial Cooperation – Joint-Venture
  • Technological Cooperation
  • Commercial Cooperation
  • Group of Exporters
  • Business Club
  • Commercial Assistance

European Economic Chamber EEIGCham

54, Rue Vautier – 1050 Brussels – BE 

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