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Your Voice Program

The program Your Voice, is an initiative of the European Economic Chamber EEIGCham created with the intention of listening and attending to the expectations of the various economic and social actors related to the various subjects in discussion and in this way transmit your voice and influence the decision makers.

Your Voice Program step by step.

Organisation of the annual calendar

The European Economic Chamber EEIGCham Organise the annual calendar according to the program presented by the European Institutions.

The distribution of participation in meetings with European institutions is distributed in the annual program by the various representations of EEIGC through the PublicAffairs Club.

Registration of participants

According to the conditions of participation in the meetings with the European Institutions, the European Economic Chamber EEIGCham makes the registration of participants for the meetings.

National Event

After registration of participation, the National PublicAffairs Club must hold an event with the purpose of discussing with members, experts and economic and social actors related to the subject in the meeting with the European Institutions.

To the national event participation conditions are imposed by the PublicAffairs Club, taking into account the financial sustainability of the program.

European Institution Meeting

The meeting with the European Institution has several procedures that have to be respected, however the preparation of the participation and the subjects inumerated by the participants should be summarized in 1 or 2 questions at the most.

After the meeting the PublicAffairs Club shall transmit the matters discussed at the meeting with the European Institution, exclusively to members with regularized membership.

National Commission Meeting

European Economic Chamber EEIGCham

54, Rue Vautier – 1050 Brussels – BE 

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