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Commission Board

The Commission Board is the internal body of the EEIGCham who is responsible for advising the Management Board and discuss the problems of the sector and influence all the decision-making actors.

What is a Commissioner?

The EEIGCham Commissioner is a member of the PublicAffairs Club recognized in his sector of activity that holds a relevant position in the organization and communication with EEIGCham with the professionals of the sector.

Functions of Commissioners:

  • Represent the activity sector vis-à-vis EEIGCham, European Institutions and power entities to influence decision-makers in defense of the sector.
  • Participate in working meetings and represent EEIGCham and its sector with the European Institutions and all the decision makers.
  • To meet with other commissioners at sectoral meetings or with commissaries of other activities in joint committees, with the purpose of discussing certain relevant issues and proposing solutions.
  • Organize events for promotion and economic development and invite representatives of European Institutions and other decision-making institutions.


Agriculture and Rural Development

Banking & financial services

Business and Industry

Climate Action & Environment

Communication & Media

Construction & Public Works

Consumers & Competition


Customs & Taxes

Digital Economy & Intellectual Property

Education & Training

Employment and Social Affairs


Health Tourism & Wellness

Health & Food Safety

International co-operation and development

International Trade & Technology transfer

Justice and Fundamental Rights

Maritime affairs and fisheries

Research and innovation


Small and Medium-sized Enterprises



Transport & Logistic

Tourism & Leisure

Youth & entrepreneurship

What the Commission Board do?

Represent the sector
Board Mettings
European Institution Meetings
Guide decisions and processes

European Economic Chamber EEIGCham

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