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The PublicAffairs Club is one of the leading programs of the European Economic Chamber EEIGCham, developed for the purpose of grouping lobbyists and experts to provide opportunities and create network ties.

The PublicAffairs Club Network is composed of national or regional chapters internally working various programs and services and in close international co-operation with the other chapters, thus allowing regional and national action with a view and International Cooperation.

The PublicAffairs Club is composed by:

Certified Professional Lobbyists – with EEIGCham Certification. 

Law Consultant – 5 years or more of professional experience as a lawyer or jurist, with EEIGCham Certification. 

Professional Consultant – 5 or more years of experience as a civil servant or an accredited professional consultant, with EEIGCham Certification. 

Political Consultant – Political science or Diplomacy graduated, with EEIGCham Certification. 

Programs of the PublicAffairs Club

Your Voice Program

The European Economic Chamber EEIGCham in its policy of communication with civil society carries out a series of events and direct contact with the various economic and social actors in the discussion of the various problems.

These events are held through the PublicAffairs Club with the main purpose of presenting the proposals to national and international institutions.

Main PublicAffairs Club Activities

Elected Officials Reception

This reception honors the region’s government leadership, bringing together municipal leaders, members of the parliament, the government officials and members of the public administration to meet and network with members’ business community.

Legislative Luncheons/Dinner

Be informed and engaged with election candidates concerning critical legislative issues for the country.

National Presidential elections

An opportunity to interact with candidate for presidential on a personal basis, hear the Chamber’s thoughts on the past session and thank the legislators for their hard work representing the diverse interests in our region.

National Legislative elections

The PublicAffairs Club presents its top priorities of the legislative agenda. Based on member surveys, the agenda is crafted by the Advocacy and Policy Committee and approved by the Board. During this luncheon members will share their thoughts with the legislative candidates.

EEIGCham Support Programs

Economic Diplomacy

Diplomatic Agreement with Embassies
Visa Assistence
Relations with International Authorities
Relations with the Media

Economic Event Organization

Trade Missions

There are four different types of trade missions.

 Official Mission: Mission led by an EEIGCham Delegation and organized in close partnership with the national Investment and/or Export Agency on the country with the EEIGCham as to its trade and commercial component.

 Economic Mission: Mission organized by the EEIGCham Delegation in cooperation with its worldwide network of partners. These missions target countries that are chosen by the delegation and those present new business opportunities for members companies. Usually these missions are led to countries which have not yet been visited by an official delegation and the event is made in cooperation with the diplomatic representation in the country.

 Roadshow: Mission organized by one or more committees with the goal of promoting the committees and its programmes.

 Mission for Growth: Mission gathering companies from all over EEIGCham Delegations led by a member of the Central Office in Brussels, mostly to fast growing emerging markets outside the EU; Promoting Business Partnerships and also to stimulate employment, business activity and growth of the local economy.

Trade Fairs & International Events

Within the context of globalization and increasing market competition, it is in the best interest of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Small and Medium Industries (SMIs) to take part in international business events and to expand their market presence. Professional trade fairs and cooperation platforms constitute privileged instruments to help find potential business partners in foreign markets.

Matchmaking Services and Forums

The ABC MARKETPLACE is the event made in cooperation with the diplomatic representation in the country.

Pitch for Funfing

The ABC MARKETPLACE is the event made in cooperation with the diplomatic representation in the country.

EEIGCham Services

Export HelpDesk

The Internationals markets are important for companies, especially for SMEs and micro-enterprises. Same markets could also be used as springboard for exporting to other continents, as they form a huge reservoir of potential business partners willing to jointly enter overseas markets.

Within this perspective, the launched its service “Helpdesk” integrated into the “International Affairs”. The service assists and guides company managers in the development of their business relations and in their search for potential business partners especially at regional and European scale.

Cross-border partnering services

In order to access a new market, SMEs need in many cases a reliable foreign partner. The EEIGCham helps companies in finding the right business partner abroad via its platforms as well as via the Partnership Opportunity Database. This international database offers companies the possibility to register their cooperation profile and contains numerous interesting co-operation requests from companies from all over the world.

Conferences and workshops

In order to inform companies about regulation, market opportunities or programmes, the EEIGCham Delegation organizes on a regularly basis conferences, seminars and workshops.

Public procurement and regional tender alert service

Public procurement offers companies many opportunities. In order to help companies in finding public tenders that correspond to their activities, the Orion Platform offers the possibility to receive on a daily basis interesting procurement projects.

Business Reports

The business Reports are the most important instrument available to create awareness of and promotes foreign trade. It is recommended to foreign companies interested in building business relations with companies in the host country. The business Reports, published by the EEIGCham on the ORION platform, aims to promote the international economic and trade relations based companies.

 “Invest In”

Is a reports carried out in partnership with national investment agencies in order to attract foreign investment to their country.

Invest In” endeavors to bolster the global competitiveness of the host Country economy by addressing policy issues that concern foreign investors in cooperation with the national Invest Foreign Invest agency.

 Doing Business In”

“Doing Business In” are a set of nationals’ reports elaborated and published exclusively by the Commissioners according to their credits, for consultation to all members and partners.

“Doing Business In” aimed to measure the costs to firms of business regulations in the host countries.

“Doing Business In” presents every year a detailed analysis of costs, requirements and a procedure a specific type of private firm is subject in all countries, and then, link to the rankings for every country.

 Market Study

Market Study reports are a set of Markets’ reports elaborated and published exclusively by the Commissioners according to their credits, for consultation to all members and partners.

Market Study reports  contains quantitative measures of regulations for starting a business, dealing with construction permits, employing workers, registering property, getting credit, protecting investors, taxes, trading across borders, enforcing contracts, getting an electricity connection and closing a business.

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