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Compete Program

Support the local economy with an International Vision.

Program to support the competitiveness and internationalization of companies and local economic activity.

The COMPETE program provides support to local economies, confederate local business associations and support the local development through the implementation of various programs and services in a network of cooperation with the support of economic development and internationalization of the companies.

Services included in the program


Online Promotion

Creation of a specific subdomain with publication and promotion of all local or national economic news, interconnected to the global network of the internationally program.


Business Cooperation Network

Business support services through international support and a global business cooperation network.


Event program includes:

  • Ambassy Roadshow
  • Economic missions
  • Trade fairs and international events
  • Matchmaking services

Compete Partner

The Compete Partner Program is a cooperation network between various institutions partners in order to improve the competitiveness of companies, through access to quality services to their customers; directly and efficiently.

Export HelpDesk

Information available

  • International Business Opportunities
  • International Business Agreements
  • Economic statistics
  • Regulations
  • Requirements and standards of marketing

Business Directory

Directory with economic entities with several associated services:

  • International Promotion
  • Inclusion in the database for business opportunities
  • among others

Exports’ Plus

Export HelpDesk

Business Oportunities

Business Market Intelligence

Who can be a Compete Partner?

Accounting firms
Financial Institution
Startup Incubators
Business associations
Business support offices

What are the advantages of being a Compete Partner?

The purpose of this program is to guarantee quality services to companies and entrepreneurs through access to an international network of partners, additionally the partner has:

The Compete Partner can resell to its customers the programs and services developed by the European Economic Chamber EEIGCham and EEIGCham Partner that are included on the New Horizons Program.

International Network
Exclusive products and services
Notariety of excellence

Sectors’ Club

Economic Cluster
International Cooperation Network

Business Directory

Business Opportunities
Business Directory
Lobbyist Directory

Compete Academy

Lobbying Certification Program
StartUp Training
Corporate Training

Cooperation Network

The support for the cooperative network includes:

  • Strategies of diversification and strategic alliances.
  • Financial Cooperation – Joint-Venture
  • Technological Cooperation
  • Commercial Cooperation
  • Group of Exporters
  • Business Club
  • Commercial Assistance

European Economic Chamber EEIGCham

54, Rue Vautier – 1050 Brussels – BE 

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