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About Us

About Us

The European Economic Chamber is a membership organisation composed by individual and corporate members who have the same aims – as a long overdue initiative of the businessmen to contribute to the global harmonization of the economy and has been then working for the following aims and objectives:

  • Representation of members’ interests
  • International Business Network; promoting and facilitating international economic relations,
  • International Trade support; creating easily accessible support tools, allowing a global trade scale,
  • Lobbying; giving voice to the needs and concerns of our members,
  • Cooperation network; sharing resources and giving access to technology transfer and others opportunities to develop our members business,
  • Grants & Funding; supporting our members to identify grants and funding
  • Business Intelligence; give access to relevant information,
  • Business Opportunities; access to global business opportunities,
  • Exhibitions & Events; access to national and international events,
  • International Business Promotion; Tools tailored to the needs of International Business,
  • Visa Support; 
  • Foreign Investment Support

 In these endeavors, the European Economic Chamber acts as an Economic Consultant and advocates the interests of entrepreneurs as a Lobbying Group.

How The EEIGCham System Works?

The EEIGCham is a Global Network of National Representations and Partners, working together with several programs and services developed and managed centrally by the EEIGCham and made available to all its members and partners worldwide.

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What about the EEIGCham?


The Global Economic is constantly changing and sometimes is very difficult to track their evolution and mutation.
Nowadays the updated information is the key to success and the EEIGCham aims to become fundamental support for the success of its Members and Partners.

Sometimes the information widely available often it is not complete and conclusive same times it is not correct or outdated.
As well as information the global economy has no borders, so the vision of the European Economic Chamber is to be a Global Economic Information Provider for its Members and Partners.
The Business Opportunities and the unexploited economic potentials in several economies leave the door open for the expansion for the companies with the ambition of expansion outside its borders.
The unfamiliarity of new markets and the weight of government in the economy sometimes hamper the achievement of business opportunities, in this sense, the EEIGCham intends to be the Intermediate in the Public Affairs & Governments Relations for its members and partners.
Even Governments need support and advice, accordingly, this strategy the EEIGCham with a professional and technical framework among its members aims to be an important partner with Governments and act as Government Consultant.


Transparency is the key word of the EEIGCham’s values.
In a business world replete with intermediaries and agents, the business occasionally failed to be clear which leads to suspicion of information and not achievement of business.
With this motto the EEIGCham will do everything possible to reduce third-party intervention.
Excellence is the objective in the services provided to its members.
The quality of services is the differentiation element in a world increasingly globalized, so it is critical that the EEIGCham has a range of Commissioners recognized for its professionalism and competences.
These Commissioners as well as being able to use the EEIGCham as a promotional factor, they are the key to the success of the provided information and consequently the success of business opportunities for all members and partners.
Innovation & Improvement are the walkway to success.
Innovate is crucial to lead on an economy replete with obstacles and mutations.
Improve is holding command that allows to continue in the forefront.
These two fundamental points for the economic success can only be achieved with hard work and a well-defined strategy to perform strategic partnerships.
Technology & Science are the future and gateway for sustaining harmony in the economy, environment and social.
The evolution technologies speed nowadays doesn’t give margin for error or stagnate.
The use of technology and trends as well as allowing the leadership of the EEIGCham set an example for all members and partners.
Economics is increasingly digital and virtual, in that direction the EEIGCham aims to provide to its members and partners, services and tools allowing applications for the global trends of the economy and humanity.
Dedication & Professionalism are the qualities to get a job well done.
The EEIGCham needs the best professional skills to contribute to global economic growth and these skills are very present among EEIGCham members.
It is crucial for us to encourage and support these skills to join the head of the EEIGCham, in this sense it was created on the Central Office a Non Executive Board in order to grouping all these skills and support along the way and decisions making of the Board of Directors.
Partnership unity is strength, in an increasingly global world all strategic partnerships are the added value of an organization.
There are thousands of business associations, chambers of commerce, business networks and business clubs and each with its qualities and capabilities, the EEIGCham always have the doors open to partnerships that can bring added value and complement the efforts between institutions.
Leadership it is the ambition of every human being, so it is also the ambition of the European Economic Chamber to be a leader. The slogan of the EEIGCham is; “the European Economic Chamber intended to be a Leader not by the amount of followers that has, but by the amount of Leaders that can create”.


The EEIGCham to fulfill its mission and contribute to a global economy it is essential to attract the largest possible number of members and partners.
An economic “player” will be able to join only if it has economic compensation or economic benefits, which is understandable, so first of all the EEIGCham must to create a very wide range and comprehensive services for its members.


There are circumstances in which it might be better for a Delegation to have low visibility, but because of its nature a Delegation is bound to always be in the limelight; therefore, the best alternative is to take advantage of its visibility at all times, ensuring a positive public image.
This can be achieved through a number of practices, including:

  • Media relations: A delegation should have the best possible relationship with local media institutions. A public relations firm, possibly a member working pro bono, is very useful. The delegation may have staff members dedicated to these functions or may outsource them. All public relation activities should have the full support of the President and/or of the Board.
  • Visibility must be used to promote EEIGCham interests and/or member interests. The better the public image, the easier it will be for the delegation to achieve its goals. The delegations should continuously strive to guarantee their exposure in the right media outlets and on the right issues.
  • Internal marketing with member companies is just as important as maintaining a good public image. As the member companies are the life and support of the delegation, it is important that they are happy and proud to belong to the EEIGCham. Thus the ability to regularly communicate with members is of utmost importance. If an outright monthly magazine is not feasible, the delegation should create an activities bulletin and/or an Internet newsletter. Even though a monthly magazine can be expensive and often not profitable, it is also a way to achieve visibility and to offer members an opinion forum.


Good governance is essential to creating EEIGCham Representations that are independent and mission-driven, can grow a broad membership base, can be responsible financial stewards, provide membership services, and effectively represent their member interests in the public policy process.

Governance is generally defined as a set of policies, institutions, mechanisms, and practices by which an association is directed and controlled. Effective leadership is the central part of good governance – leadership that is representative of its membership, treats all members fairly, and acts in the best interests of the organization. Putting democratic mechanisms into place for leadership selection, ensuring transparent and responsible decision-making procedures, and separating governance and management functions are the key elements of good governance.

EEIGCham developed these principles in order to facilitate good governance within EEIGCham Representations. These principles provide a starting platform for developing and strengthening specific mechanisms related to good governance. Recognizing the uniqueness of each host country, the differences between organizational structures, and the various business environments, these principles don’t attempt to provide a list of prescriptions that EEIGCham Representations must follow. Instead, the principles aim at capturing a broad set of good governance guidelines, which EEIGCham Representations in different countries can use to evaluate their existing practices and initiate improvements they deem necessary. EEIGCham recognize that the principles alone do not create effective good governance structures within EEIGCham Representations; real change requires concrete tools and mechanisms and consistent enforcement and implementation.

EEIGCham view these principles as applicable to EEIGCham EEIGCham Representations, partners, chambers of commerce, and federations of associations operating on the international, national, regional, and local levels. For the purpose of these principles, EEIGCham define EEIGCham EEIGCham Representations, business associations, chambers of commerce, and federations of associations as trade bodies that represent the collective interest of their business members, whether individual entrepreneurs, companies, or organizations.

EEIGCham recognize that trade bodies can take various forms, operate under different legal and regulatory mandates, and that various membership models are in existence around the world – mandatory, voluntary, and mixed.

These principles do not distinguish between different membership models and provide guidelines for establishing effective organizations that are representative of their membership regardless of the membership structure.


EEIGChams seek practical solutions to structural and economic difficulties, and strive to become a part of the solution instead of the problem. Policy issues are set forward objectively, on the merits of each issue, with special care to avoid political or personal controversy with other groups, organizations, or personalities.

EEIGCham Representations should not be placed in, or assume, the role of a “special pleader” on behalf of a particular industry or geographical area. If consensus cannot be reached among relevant committees or members, a mechanism should be in place to make the decision to take on or abandon the issue.

In reflecting member interests within the host country, EEIGCham Representations give special attention to compliance with established corporate standards in matters such as abiding by laws, transparency, ethics, and corporate social responsibility.

EEIGCham generally approach advocacy in areas of general policy and principle, and do not engage in representing the interests of specific affiliates, except in matters of a general nature and at the request of the member involved, preferably in writing and with the approval of Central Office wherever applicable. In representing specific cases, a EEIGCham Representation should avoid conflicts of interest with other members, and comply with legal and ethical standards. In conflicts of interest between members, the EEIGCham Representation should either promote conciliation and arbitration, or abstain.


The relationship between the host country and the EEIGCham consists of the core business of the EEIGCham Representations, but this alone is not enough to guarantee EEIGCham Representation growth or even support daily operations. It is necessary to always strive for an ever-closer relationship in order to address the needs of present and potential members and to support the EEIGCham Representation and guarantee its development. The development of the relationship with the EEIGCham can be achieved through a number of initiatives:

  • Lobby for companies already in the host country or for companies interested in moving into the host country. This can be achieved in a number of ways but the most efficient is through the promotion of direct contact between private sector representatives and local authorities. This can be implemented at events in general, from small closed gatherings to large seminars, or simply with “door knocks.”
  • Market studies that identify interesting opportunities in the host country for new investments or new international deals. A small group of staff members and member volunteers should promote regular meetings to discuss and identify possibilities and outline possible interested investors to whom these possibilities could be offered. This service is accomplished by professionals recognized by the EEIGCham – Commissioners
  • Out-bound and in-bound commercial missions with or without the participation of government officials, which may focus on a given geographical area or a given business sector. EEIGCham Representations should have an International Business Committee to regularly examine the possibilities in this area. The EEIGCham Representation can transfer this service responsibility to a company or consortium composed for this purpose with the approval of the Board of Directors. EEIG Media Event
  • Professional training exchanges to be implemented by taking private sector representatives and/or employees of member companies, for professional development. Agreements with training institutes and business schools are often the best route for the success of this activity.
  • Facilitation of international transactions and legal matters in the host country is a service very useful to member companies. Many times there is a natural barrier for a foreign company dealing with some of the peculiarities of the local legislation and procedures. The local EEIGCham Representation staff usually has the necessary connections to facilitate the process. An extension of this alternative is the business entrance service that many EEIGCham Representations provide throughout the world.

The EEIGCham is the leading organization that brings all types of business together to act as a powerful, single voice. It speaks for all businesses – from the smallest to the largest company – in every sector and in every region of the host country.


Business Opportunities
  • Business facilitation services, including business appointments, trade missions, and market research;
  • Business opportunities, including export-import trade leads, business and government procurement information;
  • The EEIGCham facilitates the exchange of business opportunities between its members and partners in order to achieve competitive relations and broad global business market;
  • Seminars and workshops on relevant business themes;
  • Development of initiatives and policies to improve competitiveness and the business environment in the host country;
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner meetings featuring business leaders and officials;
  • Periodic news bulletins and other publications;
  • Information clearinghouse on trade, investment, and commerce;
  • Bridge-building to new markets (exchange of products and services, facing the globalization)
Legal and technical information
  • The EEIGCham facilitates the exchange of legal and technical information in order to achieve the knowledge and transfer of technology.
  • Commitment to future topics and technologies (innovations, realisation of positive visions) and the human future (by promoting ecology and sustainable goods production).
Technical assistance
  • The EEIGCham promotes and co-ordinates the analysis of questions related to Global Market: it advises members and partners on subjects of interest, in particular, technology, copyright, restrictions, implementation of competition rules, taxation and employment in the global market.
  • Contributions to the improvement of the quality of products and services and the level of education (lifelong learning, teaching and research, vocational training).
Representation of the members’ interests
  • The EEIGCham represents members’ interests in international bodies in order to promote the member’s development and cooperate on the host countries developments.
  • Mediation between governmental entities and the private sector.
Intervention with Governments and International Institutions
  • Advocacy activities on relevant issues;
  • The EEIGCham makes representations and proposals to the International Institutions on matters which could affect EEIGCham members’ interests from a legal, technical or commercial point of view.
  • General support of the political aims and objectives of the governments by the private sector.
  • Consolidation of the global market (increase of economic growth and standard of living, mainly full employment, job security, consumer protection, environment protection).
Connection with the Diplomatic Corps and International Organizations
  • Business visa services;
  • The EEIGCham facilitates the exchange of legal and technical information between its members and Diplomatic Corps and International Organizations in order to achieve the widest knowledge and business expansion;
  • Information center for customs, duties, tariffs, and regulations;
  • Support of selected projects by interdisciplinary solutions and (promotion of research and development, raising funds by public and private investors)

EEIGCham Mission

In order to facilitate the economic activities of its members and partners, to improve the conditions under which they operate and increase the results of those activities, the EEIGCham has the general purpose to promote co-operation between its members and partners.

What Are the main programs?

Why should a company join the EEIGCham?

This is a question without a simple answer and the motivation may vary widely from country to country and from company to company, but none will join if this question is not correctly answered by the EEIGCham. This relates closely to the services that should be rendered by EEIGCham Representations and that could be of interest to potential members. Therefore, there is a strong link between membership and the activities of the EEIGCham. Having an attractive and diverse list of activities and services is the basis for maintaining and increasing high levels of membership.

Note: Many of the EEIGCham services are provided by the representation and partner network, please contact them to see the available services and ask for access.

• Membership Directory

A valuable tool for members and non-members. Includes a list of EEIGCham members, contact information, and a brief description of their products or services. The directory can be classified in different ways: in alphabetical order, by product or service, among others.

• Events

Events on a variety of topics such as the economy, finance, investment, trade, and others, where government officials and policymakers are invited as keynote speakers and guests. Open to members and non-members, these events offer an opportunity to discuss important issues and provide high-visibility for EEIGCham Representations.

• Training seminars or workshops

A service offered by most EEIGCham Representations, which provides training for employees of member companies, usually given by a member company with expertise in a particular area.

• Committees

These are the backbone of the EEIGCham and are made up of representatives from member companies. Most EEIGCham Representations have, at a minimum, 15 committees. Committees contribute to executing the plan of work of the EEIGCham Representation and provide valuable input in drafting position papers on various issues. Committees also provide an excellent way to network and share best practices, and are considered a value-added for the membership.

• Magazine

An excellent way to communicate the EEIGCham Representation’s position on issues of concern for the business community as well as disseminate information on EEIGCham events and activities. The magazine is either printed, electronic or both.

• Support on commercial or other issues

EEIGCham Representations are an invaluable resource by acting as the collective voice for their membership, often on sensitive issues when companies themselves are reluctant to go public.

• Organization of outbound economic missions

Economic missions provide an excellent way to fulfil one of the EEIGCham’s core objectives: to promote the economy of the host country. Economic missions are usually composed of enterprises that need help in exploring new markets and seek to promote exports from the host country, usually organized by a member company with expertise in the event area.

• Organization of inbound economic missions

These provide an important opportunity to promote trade and investment of the invited country, usually organized by a member company with expertise in the event area.

• Export HelpDesck

This is a basic service aimed at promoting trade and investment with the Europe by providing information related to doing business in Europe also can include information about others countries. EEIGCham Representations vary in the size of their HelpDesck, but the most important aspect is having access to up to date information on trade, statistics, both from the Europe and the host country. Additionally, it is highly recommended to work in collaboration with the Commercial Sections of the Embassies, which are valuable sources of information.

• Networking opportunities

EEIG Regional Business Club: Provide a great way to promote business amongst members in an informal setting. EEIGCham Representations organize these events in different ways; some organize expositions and other has sponsors who use the event to promote products or services. The EEIGCham encourages the EEIGCham Representations to undertake the EEIG Regional Business’ Club.

• Discount card for members

Another great way to promote business amongst members. Participating companies usually pay a fee to appear on the card, and offer a discount for their products or services. In return, they receive marketing services for a year (or a pre-established time), every time the EEIGCham Representation promotes the card.

• Advisory or consulting services

This is a service frequently requested by medium or small size members. It is supports members by facilitating a solution to their problems, legal, financial or other. It can be a source of income for the EEIGCham Representation. It also promotes the services of member companies providing the advisory services and generates business between members.

• Job search centre

The centre provides an inexpensive way to for jobseekers to gain employment in member companies and also helps member companies recruit personnel. Most EEIGCham Representations charge the applicant a small fee to appear in a database of people seeking jobs. The member companies usually have unlimited and free access to all the resumes available in the database.

• Visa facilitation

This service, which facilitates the acquirement of visas and visa renewals, varies from EEIGCham Representation to EEIGCham Representation. The service provides assistance and information to the members on how to get a visa (procedures), relevant information to present at the interview, etc.

• Conciliation and Arbitration Centers

Several EEIGCham representations has Alternative Dispute Resolution centers. This is a service which provides businesses with a clear strategy and mechanisms to resolve their business disputes in a predictable manner.

• Matchmaking service

This service is usually made through the economic mission organizer and consists of setting up an agenda of meetings for company executives coming from a foreign country, or vice versa.


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