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European Economic Chamber – EEIGCham

The European Economic Chamber – EEIGCham, in Brussels, is a private organization founded by the European regulation N°.2137/85 of the European Community Council on 25th July 1985 as a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG). 

The European Economic Chamber is a membership organisation composed by individual and corporate members who have the same aims – as a long overdue initiative of the businessmen to contribute to the global harmonization of economy and has been then working for the following aims and objectives:

  • Representation of members’ interests
  • International Business Network; promoting and facilitating international economic relations,
  • International Trade support; creating easily accessible support tools, allowing a global trade scale,
  • Lobbying; giving voice to the needs and concerns of our members,
  • Cooperation network; sharing resources and giving access to technology transfer and others opportunities to develop our members business,
  • Grants & Funding; supporting our members to identify grants and funding
  • Business Intelligence; give access to relevant information,
  • Business Opportunities; access to global business opportunities,
  • Exhibitions & Events; access to national and international events,
  • International Business Promotion; Tools tailored to the needs of International Business,
  • Visa Support
  • Foreign Investment Support;

In these endeavours, the European Economic Chamber acts as an Economic Consultant and advocates the interests of entrepreneurs as a Lobbying Group.

StartUp Lab

StartUp Incubator Network, with several services to support the development and international expansion of startUp, developed through a network of incubators partners.


Support the local economy with an International Vision.

Program to support the competitiveness and internationalization of companies and local economic activity.

PublicAffairs Club

Lobbying Coalition Network.

The PublicAffairs Club is one of the leading programs of the European Economic Chamber EEIGCham, developed for the purpose of grouping lobbyists and experts.

Funding Watch services:

  • Crowdfunding platform
  • Job Opportunities
  • Event Promotion
  • Workshop – Training
  • Funding Opportunities
    • Contest
    • Competition
    • Fellowship Project
    • Call for Contribution
    • Call for Proposal
    • Project Fund Grant
    • Sponsoring Opportunities
    • Corporate Partnership
    • Public tenders
Research and development centers
Startup Incubators
Business Associations
Chambers of Commerce
Business Networks
Business Specialized Centers

International Cooperation Network, include several organizations under the same cooperation network.

How we execute our influence activity with the European Institutions?

  • Contact Members and officials or staff of the EU institutions with the purpose of defending the interests of our members and partners and influencing decision-making,
  • Prepare, communicate and discuss various types of information and influence campaigns with Members and officials or staff of the EU institutions

  • Participate in events and public consultations organised by European Institutions especially on the Civil Society Dialogue and the participation in formal consultations or hearings on envisaged EU legislative or other legal acts and other open consultations.

  • Organise: events meetings, promotional activities, conferences or social events, invitations to which have been sent to Members and their assistants, officials or other staff of the EU institutions.

Ours Partners

International Economic Chamber -IECham

We Create Leaders

 The are commits itself with all its efforts to be a Leader not by the amount of followers that has, but by the amount of Leaders that we can create.

International Economic Arbitration Court

Lobbying Certificate Program

Created by the European Economic Chambre EEIGCham, the Lobbying Certificate Program is a high quality standard for certifying public relations professionals and government relations professionals in depth knowledge of legislative and political processes including the rules, regulations and ethics that shape lobbying requirements and a successful career.

European Economic Chamber EEIGCham

54, Rue Vautier – 1050 Brussels – BE 

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